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Kushy Punch

KushyPunch is one of California’s iconic cannabis brands, and the top-selling gummy in the CA is now in Michigan. Our locally sourced full spectrum oil, our science-forward approach and lush full body high has made us a favorite!

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Our mission is to provide the highest quality concentrates. We are never satisfied and constantly trying to improve
our medicine.


Terpene Tanks

Our oil is the ultimate in purity. All labratory tested, pesticide free, no heavy metals or other harmful contaminates. We use the most advanced state of the art scientific equipment and proceeders to yield the highest quality and most potent oil available on the market. If you are looking for the ultimate potency along with the best flavor in every hit then you need Terpene Tanks.

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Concentrate Kings

Concentrate Kings marijuana extracts are processed responsibly to ensure only the cleanest
concentrates make it to market. Their extraction artists specialize in full-spectrum terpene concentrates that yield a
sugary consistency and provide a full bodied flavor profile.

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Supreme OG

Supreme OG Kush is the true, the best and the Original multi award winning cut of Supreme OG Kush. When it comes to other strains, none can compare to Supreme OG Kush's aroma of earthy lemon, diesel flavor, and Indica-dominant effects of a mild cerebral buzz and muscle relaxation.

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Strain Kings

From seed to sale Strain Kings cultivates, manufactures and distributes some of the world best cannabis. Grown in smaller craft batches but in large scale production to maintain the supreme quality and consistency we are known for.